Business Spotlight - Lunchboxes with Love

this year, each month, I will be sharing a business spotlight on the blog, featuring a local business that I love. I am really excited about this spotlight because it is for Lunchboxes With Love, the brainchild of one of my wonderful clients Cath Bakker! Enjoy finding out more about Cath & her story here:-

What is your favourite thing about your job? My favourite part of my job is that it combines all my passions in life, photography, food and being creative.? How did you get started? ?I got a letter home from childcare asking me to start making lunches for Miss C, to get her ready for school, and this is where it all began. I fondly remember my Mum making fabulous lunches, on valentines day I would chomp into my sandwich and there would be a love note inside….Made me feel so special, and I wanted my daughter to feel the same, that even though I wasn’t there beside her I could still show her how much I loved her! Your business has grown very quickly, what are some of the “secrets of your success”? I guess one of the secrets to my success is that It is something completely different, that no one has seen before. Every parent/carer/guardian has to make lunch for the children in their lives and the fact that I can make such a dreaded chore fun is what makes us a success. Also the other secret is HARD WORK……I have not stopped for a year now, I have LOVED every moment of it but have worked for my success! How big is your company in terms of employees? ? Just little old me, and my side kick Mr Smiley who is 16 months old (and photographed by Forever Bliss!)….when I pack orders into my boxes, he helps take them out (yeah…not such a help) Where can we find you and how can we contact you ? You can find our website here Lunchboxes With Love and you can email me at  We are also on Facebook Can you tell the Forever Bliss Photography newsletter readers a little bit about Lunchboxes With Love? ? Lunch Boxes With Love has been created for you by a mum who is passionate about providing her kids with delicious and varied lunches which are fun and practical too. We offer a range of products including funky egg molds, to transform your plain old boiled egg into an adorable shape, sandwich punches to shape your sandwich into anything from a Choo Choo Train to a Fairy Princess with wand. The team at Lunch Boxes With Love has compiled a range of adorable & eco friendly Lunch products to make kids lunches fun and enjoyable. We can help you turn any boring old lunch into a work of art that NO CHILD could resist! What is your favourite thing about the Sutherland Shire? ? I LOVE the Sutherland shire cause so many of my friends live there! I LOVE that you have such a fantastic way of life going fishing and boating without the house prices like we have on the Northern Beaches. What’s your favourite ‘indulgence’ that is just for you? Ummm ok I confess I LOVE Tiffany & Co in GOLD!!!! What you do to relax? I actually LOVE to relax with a house full of people, having a glass of bubbles and cooking for family and friends, probably doesn’t sounds relaxing to most but this is what I most LOVE to do! Lunchboxes with love are offering our readers a special offer! FREE SHIPPING for all you! You just need to enter the code FOREVERBLISS at the checkout! Thank you so much Cath for talking to us!!! I just LOVE your products and will be definitely getting some to make my boys school lunchboxes exciting! Cheers, Chantelle x