a beautiful testimonial [sydney baby photographer]

yesterday i received a lovely email from a beautiful client of mine, to know that my work makes my clients so happy and thaT they will treasure their images forever, really means a lot to me, so thank you Katy for taking the time to write to me about your experience with forever bliss photography :)

“As the Director of The Baby & Toddler Show, I was very aware of the number of studios that offer to photograph babies and children but I believe Chantelle Bliss is in a class of her own. When we went to have our studio session with our four week old baby Robbie I was amazed by her patience, gentleness and creativity.... this truly is an art form. Chantelle has an amazing gift with newborns and the intricacy and precision involved in creating these beautiful natural shots is what makes them so special and unique.  I would recommend Forever Bliss Photography to any new parents looking to capture this precious time in their family's life, the images and memories are worth every penny.”

Katy Ryan, The Baby & Toddler Show Director