Business Spotlight - Yoga Frogs

yoga-frogsnd This year, from time to time I will be sharing a business spotlight on the blog, featuring a local business that I love.  I am really excited about this spotlight because it is for YOGA FROGS, which is run by the wonderful Nathan Dennett.  What a fabulous idea for your kids to keep fit and have some fun at the same

Enjoy finding out more about this busy man and his thriving business:-

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love Educating people- I am also a school teacher too…! Seeing adults and children learn and thrive on their new knowledge and abilities. Yoga brings back the body and mind connection that make lots of light bulbs switch on!

How did you get started?

Like many adults I found yoga a little too late- after a big car accident. Bikram Yoga got me back on track in mind and body very quickly.  Little did I know that I would start winning the Australian Yoga Championships for several years, nor that I would come to teach in USA, UK and Australia. Only to arrive at owning my own studio in Caringbah, winning a business award and then tackle the kids yoga through YogaFrogs- all in 5 years flat!

How big is your company in terms of employees?

“From the small things big things grow.” We have two government approved teachers at YogaFrogs and several classes . We’d love to get kids in as much as possible and would love to start adding more classes. We want all kids to have the same opportunity to find yoga early…

Where can we find you and how can we contact you (phone number & location)?

Yoga Frogs 9524 YOGA  (9524 9642) also on Facebook

We are located at: Level 1, 20-26 President Ave Caringbah (Above Vinnies, in the purple building)

Our links can also be found through Bikram Sutherland Shire

Any particularly classes you think the Forever Bliss Photography blog readers might like to know about?

At YogaFrogs we have to groups- YogaFrogs are ages 5+ and Open Yoga is suitable for all ages 5+ into teenagers. Each yoga class is up to 1 hour and includes yoga poses, series, information, games and mediation. We also have 1/2hour child minding after each class if needed. 90 minutes with YogaFrogs to create happy families!

What is your favourite thing about living in The Shire?

It’s far enough from the city to not be so hectic, yet far enough away to escape to lots of beautiful places to visit and still make it home for dinner.

What’s your favourite ‘indulgence’ that is just for you?

I love music, in many forms. I play the piano and that’s a great mediation for me- unfortunately I can’t take my beautiful piano with me.

What do you do to relax?

Yoga of course! Otherwise, I love to read lots of books and articles on a wide variety of topics- I try not to self-limit my eternal education. I enjoy travelling to new places/countries to teach  yoga- most recently New Zealand. I also just recently learned to scuba and had a great time in PNG for my first ocean dive- my yogic breathing came in handy with the sharks!

I have known Nathan and his family for many years and am fortunate enough to know what a great place for kids YOGA FROGS is! If you are thinking about enrolling your children in yoga classes, definitely give Nathan and his team a call!