kate & brandon part 2 & 3 ! [sydney wedding photographer]

okay so i decided if i am too impatient to wait to post the rest, then i’m sure the bride and groom are just as impatient to see some more, so here you go! since we had a week of such awful weather leading up to their wedding, a wet weather back up plan was organised in case we were rained out in between the ceremony and reception for photos, which as luck would have it, we were. well all i have to say is wow, what an amazing location we were given! it was a private home that the owners were kind enough to let us use, complete with indoor swimming pool, and the most amazing sandstone walls, metal gates, and manicured gardens. we were also on the waterfront, but the rain stopped us from getting down to the water. i want to go back there to shoot again!!! in the sun!!

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